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Enterprise Architecture's Funeral

Business has changed radically in the past twenty years, and many would argue that the discipline of enterprise architecture simply hasn’t kept up. Consequently, the key to building your next successful enterprise architecture practice may lie in...

Does Your Company Have a Roadmap?

Is your company on a planned trajectory for growth, or are your business units pulling you along for the ride?

Avoiding Technology's Arranged Marriages

Technology decisions need to be made quickly and by a limited number of decision-makers in order to maintain agility. Yet in a world where technology is everywhere, authoritarian decision-making can create forced relationships resulting in...

Architecture Over Happy Little Accidents

Technology projects are like roller coasters with their anxiety-inducing twists and turns. Some projects even feel as though success was found by accident! Yet there’s a means for smoothing out these otherwise risky initiatives, and it it’s...

Why Your Decentralized Data Practice Isn't Scaling

The Rise of Departmental Analytics

Nobody likes to be beholden to others. After all, it feels good to be empowered; to get things done on your own. The ability for virtually any business user to stand up a cloud application has resulted in an...

3 Simple Steps to Build a Successful Customer 360 View

The Customer 360, Explained

A 360-degree view of anything simply means taking a full, comprehensive view of the subject area in question. For example, a manager may ask her employee to complete an “employee 360 review” which would encompass...

Automating Enterprise Architecture

Delivering faster. Saving money. Building new business capabilities. These are value points that make enterprise architecture more relevant than ever. Yet delivering EA at today's breakneck pace of business requires automation. Here are two ways...

The Case for Capability Mapping

Just as no military general would blindly charge into a theater of war without assessing battlefield assets, no IT leader should take on high-risk endeavors without a similar assessment of capabilities.

How IT Can Learn from Product Management

Here's a look at how consistency and empathy (C&E) can rapidly improve IT maturity.

Cloud Responsibility Quadrants

Fuzzy boundaries between IT and business units have created ambiguities with respect to SaaS cloud management. A simple tool to drive clarity around who-does-what is the cloud responsibility quadrants chart.